Ceramic Wall Tile price

White Ceramic Wall Tile
1. Product parameter
Serieswhite ceramic wall tile
TpyeWall tile
Size 75x 150mm ceramic wall tile
Techniques3D inkjet printing
Water Absorption10-20% wall tile
Tile finishGlazed
PaymentT/T,L/C, western union
2. Product Features
--Fine raw material powder extract processing, raw material particle size smaller, more delicate, molecular arrangement closer, cutting process won't appear easily collapse edge cases. Product quality light natural stone material, the blank the decoration construction process and daily use, more can ensure security.
--Wall tile is use the import glaze color to paint printing, precision of the glaze firing control, ensure the color no color different, even saturation, in actual use of long still like new.
3. Wall tile Scene graph
4. Recommended Subway wall tile
5. Packing & Shipping
6. Packing Information
7. Wall tile Paving way
8. Certification
9. Factory Overview
FOSHAN HANSE industrial CO.,LTD is a research and development, specializing in the production, marketing as one of the new modern enterprise, the company is headquartered in ceramic city, Foshn, Guangdong.
The Main production of polished tiles, full polished glazed porcelain tiles, rustic tile, mosaic, culture stone ect.Ceramic Wall Tile price